Naresh Mongroo is an exceptional figure in the financial industry with an impressive eighteen-year career dedicated to pioneering innovation and technology. From the tender age of twenty-one, Naresh embarked on his professional journey at the Guardian Group as a software developer. Since then, he has ascended to the prestigious role of Vice President of Technology Excellence and Enablement within the Technology and Innovation division.


Throughout his illustrious career, Naresh has been the driving force behind numerous technology-driven initiatives at Guardian Group. His visionary leadership led to the successful launch of auto underwriting solutions for Life, Health, and Pension segments, transforming how the organization operates. He also championed the development of a cutting-edge unified digital customer engagement platform, ensuring a seamless digital experience across the organization.

Naresh’s trailblazing spirit is further exemplified by his establishment of a state-of-the-art cloud data platform, which serves as the cornerstone for advanced digital, analytics, and data governance strategies.


What sets Naresh apart is his unwavering commitment to a people-centric approach. He believes that true success is achieved through collaborative teamwork and a shared vision of progress. 


Naresh Mongroo’s insights and experiences will illuminate the audience on the transformative power of technology, design, and innovation in driving organizational sustainability