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  • The success of any organization depends to a great extent, on the leader and the leadership team. Attending a leadership conference should be part of every team’s personal growth plan.
    This leadership conference will provide you with opportunity to network and meet like-minded professionals from around the region.
  • It will also provide a great platform to discuss tomorrow’s challenges as well as share ideas on how to leverage current business opportunities.
  • Attending this leadership conference will give busy executives the opportunity to get up to speed on the latest leadership concepts and business trends.
  • This conference promises to bring you cutting edge strategies, tricks and tips for your continued growth in an even changing and disruptive economic space.
  • You will be exposed to successful and influential Caribbean as well as North American leaders; all of whom have a proven track record and an actionable formula for success both within a Caribbean and Global context.

The speed of change in business today is unprecedented. New markets, changing client expectations, employee demographics, artificial intelligence, increased levels of transparency and digitalization are putting pressure on leaders to rethink organisational leadership models.

Employees are looking for leaders who can foster cultures that allow them to thrive, be creative and innovative. They want to work for organisations that model these traits. They want to work for organisations that adopt sustainable practices and leadership that seeks to create a lasting positive impact in the global space. From Technology to climate change, employees are demanding that leaders live and practice their values daily, they want leaders to set the tone and redefine leadership in this new era.


– Judy McCutcheon

Hear From Our Speakers:

Virtual Conference

November  10th – 11th 2022

2-Day Virtual Conference

5 Main stage Speakers with two Workshops Per Day

Early Bird and Group of 5 or more

$300 USD

Early Bird Ends October 19, 2022

$400 USD

Per Person

Go Blue Consulting is a Caribbean Management Consulting and Training Company. We are a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to helping our clients create amazing value, deliver unsurpassed customer service excellence and doing what is required for their ultimate success.

Our team has considerable knowledge and experience in helping businesses grow and develop.

Our competencies are in the areas of strategic planning, human resource management with a concentration on employee assessment and development, employee engagement and training.


We invite companies and private individuals to take advantage and reserve available Exhibition Spaces for the upcoming GoBlue Leadership Series 2022. Details on available opportunities can be found below followed by the reservations form.


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