Ms. Anna-Alisa Goindoo is a distinguished Sales and Marketing professional with a career spanning two remarkable decades and multiple diverse industries. Her professional journey has enabled her to work across many sectors including consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and energy.

Anna-Alisa’s career reached a significant milestone when she was appointed Acting President of NGC CNG Company Limited on April 1st, 2023. As Acting President she will spearhead sustainable initiatives and deepen her expertise in the field of sustainability. This leadership role came after seven years of dedicated service as the Sales and Marketing Manager, during which she played a vital role in the low-carbon transportation sector.

Her professional odyssey is rooted in her stellar academic background in Psychology – a foundation she earned from the University of the West Indies. Anna-Alisa’s academic prowess shines with a Bachelor in Business Management from Anglia Ruskin University, where her passion for entrepreneurship and innovation ignited. This was further fortified by an MBA specialising in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, demonstrating her commitment to staying at the cutting edge of industry trends.

Her pursuit of excellence led her to acquire certifications in Digital Marketing from Columbia Business School and Circular Economy Principles from the renowned University of Cambridge Judge Business School. Ms. Goindoo’s affiliations also include active membership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM) and certification as a John Maxwell Leadership trainer.

Ms Goindoo will inspire and enlighten with her wealth of knowledge and experience. Her insights are bound to be transformative.