With over two decades of expertise spanning the telecom industry, digital transformation, and entrepreneurial ventures, Sonia Ceballos embodies a relentless pursuit of excellence. Her passion for innovation and unwavering commitment to success have fuelled her remarkable career.

A deep appreciation for the transformative power of technology has punctuated Sonia’s journey. However, what distinguishes her from others is her resolute focus on the human element as a pivotal driver of organisational success. She firmly believes that the right approach to teamwork and individual development can unlock transformational potential beyond the capabilities of technology alone.

Sonia’s track record speaks volumes about her leadership. She’s steered massive projects, like the successful rollout of Belize Telemedia Limited’s groundbreaking US$150 million mobile upgrade and fibre-to-the-home initiative. She led a 600-person team and delivered this complex project on time and within budget. Her impact also extends to international landscapes, with notable achievements such as transitioning BASE in Belgium from a traditional to an Agile organisation within a mere three years.

As an entrepreneur, Sonia continued to push boundaries by establishing and operating Belize’s first comprehensive e-commerce platform and online ecosystem. Her innovation knows no bounds, and her vision is unwavering.

Now, she’s sharing her wealth of knowledge in a masterclass on “Digital Disruption.” Sonia Ceballos will unravel the intricacies of navigating the digital landscape and harnessing the true power of technology while putting people first.